Parent Testimonials

Joe has been an excellent piano teacher to my four kids for the past seven years! From beginner to advanced, he has been great at picking pieces tailored to each of them so they step up in ability each time. Joe keeps them interested as he moves between classical, pop, jazz, and even composition. One of my kids says she really appreciates how Joe helps her understand every small detail in technique, phrasing, and the history of the piece. Another of my kids says he loves that Joe gets his humor. As a parent with a strong musical background, I feel that my kids are learning from a professional who is giving them an excellent foundation, while at the same time being a fun guy kids can relate to. I give Joe my strongest recommendation!

-Susan B., New Canaan

I have had four children take lessons from Joe for the last six years. He has a way of teaching that motivates my children to play and love playing. They look forward to their lessons each week. Thankfully, I don’t need to remind them to play. They are so excited to learn something new that they insure they are are ready for the next lesson. Joe is kind hearted , generous and fun, and we are so Blessed to have him in our lives.

-Michelle D., Ridgefield

Joe Infurchia brings a cheery disposition full of optimism to any lesson, no matter the age of the learner. At 75 years, finally retired from teaching, I was ready to put my uncle’s baby grand to good use and begin learning to play. 

Joe’s pure joy in his mastery of the keyboard comes through his appreciation of his teachers through whom he traces a line of achievement from more than a hundred years ago to the present. His summer retreats in Vermont continuing his studies with 95 year old Menahem Pressler, from whose friendship he takes great delight, demonstrate his ongoing determination to learn from the greats and thus enhance his performance skills. Joe's understanding of the connection he shares with the spirit of the composer inspires the gift of his own playing and becomes evident in his pleasure when his students succeed. Joe Infurchia’s devotion to learning music himself promotes his students’ love of the piano and their willingness to keep on keepin’ on. Susan G. ...still practicing at 77...! (Wilton)